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Solidago Wreath Company – your home for beautiful natural wreaths!

Welcome to the Solidago Wreath Company website! Our unique decorative wreaths are handmade in the Blue Ridge Mountains of natural local materials, including Fraser Fir, White Pine, Bittersweet, Rose Hips, and Holly Berries. Our trademark accents of chartreuse evergreen brighten each craft wreath and add a special light to any holiday décor. 

  I started making wreaths just outside of Boone, North Carolina not too long ago. As we worked, we realized we could make a more sustainable product.  

That is where Solidago steps in. We take those other pretty pieces, combine them with berries from invasive plants that grow in our area and voila! We are removing the seeds from bully weeds, up cycling Fir clippings, and creating a beautiful product, just for you. 
As our company grows, we are gradually transforming fallow meadows of the area to the permaculture of woody ornamental plants that can be trimmed annually for wreaths. 

We have a full line of delightful autumn wreaths available as well as specialty summer wreaths. Whatever your decorative tastes, we have a wreath that is sure to make your home look splendid. Please check our gallery for new and ever changing designs.
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